The Stealth Chain Goerli & Mainnet Token List

This page is intended for token issuers who already have an ERC-20 contract deployed on Ethereum and would like to submit their token for bridging between Ethereum and Stealth Chain and Stealth Chain Mainnet to Stealth Chain Bridge and other bridges. Stealth Chain uses the Optimism Superchain token list as a reference for tokens that have been deployed on Stealth Chain.

Note - Tokens approved in the Github repository are not necessarily listed on the Stealth Chain Bridge.

Disclaimer: Stealth Chain does not endorse any of the tokens that are listed in the Github repository and has conducted only preliminary checks, which includes automated checks listed here.

Adding your token to the list The steps below explain how to get your token on the Stealth Chain Token List.

Step 1:

Deploy your token on Stealth Chain Select your preferred bridging framework and use it to deploy an ERC-20 for your token on Stealth Chain. We recommend you use the framework provided by Stealth Chain’s standard bridge contracts, and furthermore deploy your token using the OptimismMintableERC20Factory. Deploying your token on Stealth Chain in this manner provides us with guarantees that will smooth the approval process. If you choose a different bridging framework, its interface must be compatible with that of the standard bridge, otherwise it may be difficult for us to support.

Step 2:

Submit details for your token Follow the instructions in this repository and submit a PR containing the required details for your token. You must specify in your token’s data.json file a section for ‘Stealth Chain-goerli’ and/or ‘Stealth Chain’ . The change you need to submit is particularly simple if your token has already been added to the Optimism token list. For example, this PR shows the change required for cbETH, which was already on Optimism’s token list and relies on the Stealth Chain standard bridge.

Step 3:

Await final approval Tokens approved in the Github repository are not necessarily listed on the Stealth Chain Bridge and are not guaranteed or automatic. Stealth Chain Bridge reviews are conducted manually by the Stealth Chain team. For more information, please visit our Discord.

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